School of International Education of SISU Conducted Application of Teaching System Design in Enterprise Talent Cultivation Themed Lecture


On the afternoon of April 8th, the third lecture of Intelligent Education Forum of School of International Education of Shanghai International Studies University, themed as Application of Teaching System Design in Enterprise Talent Cultivation, was held in the T220 Report Hall of the Library and Information Center at SISU. This lecture invited Dr. Li Rengen, the former Director of Global Leadership Development of Coca-Cola Company (USA), to introduce the application of teaching system design in enterprise talent cultivation, training and performance improvement. The lecture was hosted by Mr. Tian Xiaoyong of the School of International Education.


Dr. Li Rengen first introduced the goals of this lecture: guide the students to know what their majors contribute to enterprises, the advantages of educational technology, especially the design of teaching system, as well as the abilities needed in the line of corporate training and development.


Then, Dr. Li Rengen introduced his own educational backgrounds and his experience in the Coca-Cola Company, which led to the theme of corporate training. He pointed out that there are many jobs in corporations that are closely related to Educational Technology. Then, he spent a lot of time explaining the numerous career prospects that students of educational technology have: training, talent cultivation, organizational development, performance improvement.


Then Dr. Li Rengen introduced the advantages and disadvantages of the Educational Technology major. The main advantages include system thinking, goal orientation, logical thinking, communication, project management, data processing, analysis of problems and problem solving. The main disadvantage is that Educational Technology stresses linear thinking, while in daily life, most of the interpersonal skills are not linear. In addition, the disadvantages are also manifested in the lack of training credibility and learning content. Dr. Li Rengen emphasized that Educational Technology mainly teaches methods and is likely to be challenged by those who emphasized content.The key skill of Educational Technology is the teaching model design, and every step of it needs to be learned and mastered. After such vivid explanations, the students have been deeply impressed and have improved their identification to their specialty.


Dr. Li Rengen gave the teachers and classmates three words: humility, curiosity, and hard-work. With the encouragement of these three word, students will definitely go further and further on their profession. In the Q&A session, Professor Li Rengen enthusiastically answered the doubts of the students. After the lecture, all the teachers and students expressed their gratitude to Dr. Li Rengen with warm applause