Faculty Directory




PhD., Shanghai International Studies University

Instructor, School of Education, SISU

Email: jiangxia@shisu.edu.cn

Research Interests

Foreign Language Education; Teacher Professional Development


Teaching Courses

English Intensive Reading; Basic Business English; English Listening and Speaking


Research Projects

A Study on Pedagogical Content Knowledge of College Business English Teachers sponsored by Shanghai International Studies University2017

Authored Book


Edited Book

Business English Reading(Books 1-4), Chongqing University Press (2015)


Translated Book

A Textbook on Love, Shanghai Foreign Education Press (2015)


Journal Articles

Review and Prospective of Domestic Studies on Foreign Language Teacher Knowledge. Foreign Language World, 2016.

A Comparative Study on Undergraduate Curriculum for English Majors in the World Top Universities. Language Education, 2017.

Review of Research on Higher Education Quality Assurance Researches Home and Abroad (2014-2017)  Based on Articles Published on SSCI and CSSCI Journals. Contemporary Foreign Languages Studies, 2018.

On Constructing Quality Assurance System for Business English Program in China Based on a Case Study of Stanford University. Journal of Beijing International Studies University, 2018.

A Review of Business English Studies in China for 20 years (1998-2018)  An Analysis Based on CSSCI Journals from CNKI. Business English Teaching and Research, 2019.


Best Presentation Award, The Hong Kong Institute of Education, 2015