Faculty Directory

LIU Huani


LIU, Huani

PhD., Shanghai International Studies University

Assistant Professor, School of Education, SISU

Email: liuhuani0816@shisu.edu.cn; liuhuani@126.com

Research Interests

Foreign language teaching theory and practice, technology-enhanced education, teacher education

Teaching Courses

Basic English, English Reading, Intensive Reading in Basic Business English


Research Projects & Synergistic Activities

Effective approaches to faculty professional development in China sponsored by Humanity and Social Sciences foundation of Ministry of Education of China(2014)

Collaborated on the revision of elementary English curriculum standards led by Shanghai Centre for Research in English Language Education (2017)

Collaborated on the Oriental Scholar Program about mobile learning design, led by Professor Wang Minjuan from San Diego State University (2015 – 2018)

Collaborated on a research project about the world’s major countries’ language and cultural transmission policies that target Latin American countries, sponsored by China’s National Social Science Fund (No. 15CYY015) and led by associate professor Yufei Cao from SISU (2015–2018)

Collaborated on the research “Constructing Multi-Dimensional College English Teaching Environment: Based upon the re-design of college English teaching materials”, sponsored by China’s Mistry of Education (No. 13YJC740120) and led by professor Yang Gang from Linyi University. (2013-2016)

College English teaching materials development in the era of MOOCs, sponsored by the Research Center of Foreign Language Strategies (No. WYZL201427) (2015-2017)

Course materials design and development for flipped teaching of college English (sponsored by SISU, No. KX181128) (2014-2016)

Collaborated on a research about innovating business English curriculum to facilitate the development of Shanghai Free Trade Zone, sponsored by SISU (No. KX171301) and led by professor He Yun from SISU (2013-2015)

Team member of the Young Teachers Career Development Program, sponsored by SISU (No. QJTD13SYN01) and led by associate professor Song Yanan from SISU (2013-2015)


Authored Book

A Listening Course of CET 6, Shanghai Audiovisual Publishing House (2008)

A Listening Course of Practical English Test for Colleges, Shanghai Audiovisual Publishing House (2008)

English Picture Book: 100 Practical Oral Sentences, Shanghai Audiovisual Publishing House (2007)


Edited Book

A Course of Business English Reading (Book1~4). Chongqing University Press. (2015-2016)

Translated Book

Road: Mao Xuhui’s Painting Career (1973-2007), Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House (2007)


Journal Articles

An investigation into L2 teacher beliefs about L1 in China. Prospect--An Australian Journal of TESOL, 2009.

An instructional design model and toolkit. Open Education Research, 2016, 22, (6), 31-40.

Culturally adaptive learning: A model for developing instruction and training for the global audience. Open Education Research,  2016, 22, (3), 44-52.

From grammar book to digital resources: The history and future of English textbooks. Journal of Social Science of Harbin Normal University, 2015, 31, (6), 159-163.

On foreign language teacher’s role and niche. Technology  Enhanced Foreign Language Education,162, (2), 59-65.

A literature review on college English teaching materials study in the past 20 years. Computer-Assisted Foreign Language Education, 2013, 150, (2), 66-71.

A study on college English teaching objectives and materials development based on the idea of holistic educationComputer-Assisted Foreign Language Education, 2012, 146, (5), 67-71.

A 150-year history of English textbooks used in China. Shandong Foreign Language Teaching Journal, 2011, 32, (6), 61-66.



Outstanding Employee, SISU (2017)

Outstanding Employee, SISU (2015)

Conference Paper Award (Second Prize), at the Symposium on China’s College English Curriculum and Teaching Reform (2012)