Faculty Directory

ZHENG Xinmin


ZHENG, Xinmin

Ph.D. (HKU), Shanghai International Studies University

Professor, School of Education, SISU

Email: sxmzheng@shisu.edu.cn


Research Interests

Educational Linguistics, Language Teacher Cognition, Language Teacher Development, Foreign Language Education.


Teaching Courses

Educational Linguistics, Research Methods in Applied Linguistics, Theory of Curriculum and Instruction, General Linguistics.


Authored Book

Changing Pedagogy: Analyzing ELT teachers in China (with Chris Davison). The Continuum International Publishing GroupLondon/New York (2008) .

Interviews with Domestic and International Scholars about New Concepts in Language Education. Hefei: Beijing Normal University Publishing Group/Anhui University Press (2011) .

Faith and Aspiration: Approaching SISU teachers. Hefei: Beijing Normal University Publishing Group/Anhui University Press (2016).

The Growth of Doctors Majored in English Language & Literature. Hefei: Beijing Normal University Publishing Group/Anhui University Press (2017).

A Probe into English Academic Writing: A Report from Simon’s Research and Learning Community. Hefei: Beijing Normal University Publishing Group/Anhui University Press (2017).


Edited Book

Research Studies in Education. The University of Hong KongHong Kong. (2004)


Journal Articles

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