Center for Comparative Study of Global Education

Center for Comparative Study of Global Education


Center for Comparative Study of Global Education



Established in Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) on April 23, 2019, the Center for Comparative Study of Global Education signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Education Management Information Center of the Ministry of Education.The center is mainly based at the School of Education, SISU and integrates resources of multilingual education in SISU. It organically combines education with language and jointly cultivates multilingual + education professionals.Thinking globally and acting locally, the center strengthens the construction of the discipline system, academic system and discourse system of global education governance, effectively combines research and education, and is becoming a reserve base for cultivating top talents in education.

At present, the center has 32 researchers from different departments, mainly responsible for comparative education studies in 30 countries and organizations including the USA, UK, France, Canada, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia, Israel, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Thailand, Ireland, New Zealand, India, South Africa, Philippines, Russia and other Russian-speaking countries, Finland and other Nordic countries and EU economies, OECD, UNESCO, World Bank, OEC, IITE, ICDE, the Commonwealth of nations and EDUCAUSE, covering 15 languages including English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Thai as well as Chinese.


Research Status and Achievements

Since 2015, the predecessor of the Center has studied the current situation and trend of global education around the two goals of building a platform of university-level think tanks and building a training base for postgraduate research.Up to now, it has published 33 articles on journals such as  Journal of Distance Education, Research on Modern Distance Education, Chinese Audiovisual Education and Modern Educational Technology, including 15 CSSCI journals.On the other hand, in order to keep up with the trend of world education, the center has compiled 945 pieces of information and produced 45 bulletins, of which more than 100 were accepted by scientific research institutes or “World Education Information” magazine.

In October 2018, the center assisted the Ministry of Education in collecting information on policy planning, education statistics and education expenditure officially issued in the past three years by G20 countries and developed countries including Finland, Israel, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, New Zealand, Singapore, Ireland, Thailand and other 28 countries, as well as UNESCO and OECD, covering 15 languages including Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, Hungarian and Thai.


Wechat Official Account Operation

The Center’s Wechat Official Account 上外 ET was created and launched the first phase of information delivery on March 13th, 2018.The Official Account aims to provide latest developments in international education for educators and researchers. It delivers up-to-date educational information from different countries three times a week and some articles have great influence.