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On the evening of March 1st, 2019, the hall of 1st building of the Songjiang Campus of Shanghai International Studies University was filled with warmth despite the freezing spring. More than 100 students from the School of Education and students from Songjiang Foreign Language School in their uniforms were divided into groups and discussed in English the meaning of inheriting the spirit of Lei Feng in the new era and how to carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng with practical actions.


On the occasion of the arrival of Lei Feng Memorial Day, in order to promote the spirit of Lei Feng more vividly and effectively, the first activity of the English Corner of SISU host by the School of Education in the new semester was based on the theme of Inheriting the spirit of Lei Feng. After careful preparation, everyone actively discussed and expressed their opinions in the event, and made suggestions and exchanges of experiences on how to better carry forward and practice the spirit of Lei Feng. Some students believed that in today, the promotion of Lei Feng's spirit still required the media to improve publicity, to use daily events to influence people, affect people, and motivate people. Some students felt that practicing the spirit of Lei Feng didn’t only mean doing magnificent deeds; we can start with daily issues, such as leaving the classroom with the lights turned off and the garbage taken away. Others argued that learning Lei Feng should be based on not only creativity but also reality; it should be based on effectiveness instead of superficiality and formality.


In order to practice the spirit of Lei Feng, the event invited the 7th-grade students of Songjiang Foreign Language School to participate in the discussion. Under the leadership of Vice President Zhu Haiyan, students from the Songjiang Foreign Language School came to the English Corner in an orderly team and were divided into groups. The students from the School of Education were responsible for grouping and guiding them to discuss in English and practice their oral English. The event was welcomed by students, schools and parents. In the future, the School of Education and Songjiang Foreign Language School will continue this activity to help students in Songjiang Foreign Language School improve their oral English.


Since its birth in 2009, the English Corner host by the School of Education has been guided by the spirit of Lei Feng and advocates the spirit of volunteer service. It is organized by several Intensive English Reading teachers and conducts activities every Thursday afternoon in order to provide students more opportunities to practice oral English and improve their interest on English and oral English level. Every time the English Corner activity is held, intensive reading teachers of the School of Education will set a discussion topic in advance, publish it on the WeChat platform, and offer on-the-spot guidance after work, communicating with the students in English, sharing the study experience and discussing academic problems. At present, the influence of the English Corner has extended to other universities in Songjiang University Town.