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Exchange Programs

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International Exchange and Collaboration Programs

Currently, there are 2 Dual-degree Programs, 8 Exchange Student Programs and several Short-term exchange study programs offered to students at SOE which provide a broad platform for students to expand their academic horizon, enhance international understanding and enrich their life experience.


Dual-degree Program

  • 2+2 Program

    Undergraduate students at SOE would spend the first two years at SISU and the remaining two years at the UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS, applying required credits from both sides toward the BA degree. Credits from both sides would be valid reciprocally and both sides would grant students their BA degrees.

    Applicants should provide proof of proficiency in English Language by achieving an overall IELTS score of 6.5 or internet TOEFL 92 for entry into the Program and will be offered a scholarship scheme at the rate of ?2500 per full year of study.

  • 1+1+1 Program

    Graduate studentsat SOEwould spend the firstand third year at sisu and the second year at the SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY. Students may transfer up to 9 credits of appropriate graduate coursework toward a master’s degree. SU would provide a discount of 30% of the tuition.


Exchange program

SOE and the partner institution would exchange an equal number of students with one another for a single-semester program with tuition fees exempted or discounted. Under the program, students could register for courses related to their majors and credits would be valid for both sides.

  • Barnard College of Columbia University

  • California State UniversityLong Beach/CSULB

  • Masaryk UniversityThe Czech Republic

  • City University of HongKong

  • Wenzao University of Languages


Study abroad program

Students spend a period of study at the partner institution, typically for a single semester or a full year to enhance students’ academic insights, international vision and life skills.

  • California State UniversityLong Beach/CSULB

  • Washburn University

  • Masaryk UniversityThe Czech Republic


Short-term Visiting program

Students would have the chance to visit and study at the partner institution for two or three weeks during the summer vacation and a certificate would be issued by the host institution at the end of the program.


  • Kullagymnasiet High School ( summer internship)

  • University of West Florida (for graduate students)

  • Masaryk UniversityAcademic English and Study Skills

  • California State UniversityLong Beach/CSULBLeadership Program